Carpet Cleaning

Carpet, Rug, and Upholstery Cleaning and Restoration

If you ever find you require a little more than a basic carpet cleaning in San Diego and all of Southern California, Birchall Restoration is here to help.

Our insurance-approved, full-service cleaning and restoration company will return your carpet to usable condition after it experiences significant soiling, giving you one less thing to worry about in your home. If you experience water damage or suspect mold contamination or growth in your home or business, the experts at Birchall Restoration can also take care of that along with restoring and cleaning your carpets and upholstery.

All of our technicians are trained, experienced, and certified, too, ensuring they can handle the job quickly and efficiently.

Your restorative carpet cleaning requires additional attention, so don’t leave anything to chance. Call the experts at Birchall Restoration at 760-728-8735 today.

We’re here to restore your home after any kind of unexpected disaster or event.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Ending up with significant stains or water damage to your carpets is a nightmare scenario. You’ll want to do everything in your power to avoid replacing these carpets because that’s a major expense, especially when it’s unplanned.

Fortunately, an experienced, licensed restoration company can handle your deep carpet cleaning in a hurry, ensuring you don’t have to purchase brand new flooring for your home.

The money you’ll save in this scenario makes it well worth the cost of hiring a carpet cleaning expert like Birchall Restoration. Reach out at 760-728-8735 to book an appointment.

Upholstery and Oriental Rug Cleaning

As you know, the damage to your carpet will rarely be confined to one area. There’s a chance your upholstery could require a thorough cleaning, too, especially if a flood or other disaster has damaged a few rooms in your home.

The same goes for Oriental rugs or other temporary floor coverings in your residence.

Replacing your furniture and rugs is a significant expense, but, fortunately, the pros at Birchall Restoration can assist. We provide upholstery and rug cleaning services for all of San Diego and Riverside Counties including Carlsbad, Fallbrook, Temecula, Oceanside, Bonsall, Vista and San Marcos, putting your mind at ease following a major event in your area.

Soap-Free Cleaning

In some situations, it’s possible to complete your carpet cleaning without using soap. This process is advantageous because it doesn’t leave a residue behind. The result is a carpet that feels softer and stays clean longer than when detergent is used. Soap-free cleanings also dry more rapidly, allowing you to begin using your home almost right away.

Soap-free carpet cleaning typically utilizes natural degreasers, a detergent-free booster, and a water softener. We’ll spray your carpet with our mixture and agitate it before rinsing it with fresh water.

This soap-free cleaning method is excellent in many situations because it’ll leave your carpet feeling soft and fresh for months to come, and it’s better for the fabric’s long-term health, as well.

Carpet Repairs

There could come a time when you require carpet repairs in addition to your carpet cleanings, such as situations where you end up with burn marks, rips, tears, or other damage. You might be tempted to replace your carpet when you end up in this situation, but that isn’t always necessary when you get Birchall Restoration on the job.

Our team can quickly identify any damage to your carpet and develop a repair plan. The exact method depends on the scope and size of the damage, but you can trust that we’ll do everything in our power to salvage your carpet to prevent you from having to replace it.

Contact Birchall Restoration or call at 760-728-8735 to learn more about our carpet repair solutions or book an appointment.

Odor Removal and Containment

Finally, Birchall Restoration can help with your odor removal and containment problems.

If you ever end up in a situation with a pungent smell coming from your carpet, you’ll want an expert on the job as quickly as possible. This smell is not only a gross thing to have around your home on a regular basis, but it could signal the presence of mold or other contaminants that could make you sick.

The team at Birchall Restoration will start by figuring out the cause of this smell and either containing or removing it at quickly as possible. In the process, we’ll restore your home to livable condition without a constant stench coming from your carpets.

We can also give tips to prevent this smell from reappearing in the future, depending on its cause.

Get Birchall Restoration on the Job

Birchall Restoration is standing by to assist with all your carpet cleaning needs in multiple locations throughout Southern California. Our team serves places like San Diego, Temecula, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Fallbrook, and Bonsall, providing restoration services to those in need.

Reach out to Birchall Restoration at 760-728-8735 for more information or to learn more about our complete list of available services.