Fire and Smoke Cleanup and Restoration

Fire, Smoke and Soot Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Birchall Restoration is available to assist when you need fire and smoke cleanup and restoration in Southern California. Our team of certified contractors knows how to restore your home after a fire and can remove the smoke smell to allow you to continue living in your home.

We know just how stressful life can be after experiencing a house fire. You probably don’t know the first steps to take, and, truthfully, a lot depends on the fire’s severity.

In situations where the house remains livable but has some damage, you’ll want to restore the fire damage and eliminate the smoke odor as quickly as possible.

That’s where Birchall Restoration comes in, as we offer complete fire restoration services to clients in Carlsbad, Fallbrook, Temecula, Vista, Oceanside, Bonsall, and San Diego. We’ll take care of the most challenging aspects of your fire recovery, leaving you to recuperate emotionally.

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What Influences Fire Damage

The extent of the damage to your home depends on the fire. Some fires burn hotter than others or release additional chemicals, so the restoration process becomes more challenging.

High-temperature fires release different smoke than those burning at lower temperatures. The smoke is drier, causing it to travel faster in the home. So, if your fire burned at a higher temperature, there’s a chance the smoke reached the upper floors and attic of your home, and they’ll require attention.

Much like water, smoke can move through every nook and crack in your home. It travels under doors, through walls, and into your attic very quickly. Our team will determine where the smoke traveled in your home, ensuring we don’t leave any area in your home untreated during the restoration process.

Another aspect worth considering is the acidity level of the smoke. Smoke residue is acidic and, therefore, can corrode metal surfaces if they aren’t properly cleaned. Our team will clean all these surfaces so the smoke doesn’t have a chance to damage your house further after we leave.

Finally, we’ll take the materials the fire burned into account during our cleanup. Plastics and drywall, for example, leave chemicals in the air and on surfaces that we must address before you return to the property.

Our staff is trained to address all the risks that smoke can bring to your home, ensuring your restoration process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible.

How Fire Restoration Works

Restoring your home after a fire requires multiple steps, and Birchall Restoration will take you through each of them.

First, we’ll handle the fire, smoke, and soot cleanup process. We’ll use many different techniques when assisting with this cleanup, including employing air cleaners, deodorization techniques, air scrubbers, specialty coatings, and physical cleaning. We’ll also use thermal drying and dehumidifying technology to remove the water used to put the fire out.

Next, we’ll assist with the content restoration process. If you had furniture, flooring, or other items damaged by the fire, our team will do everything possible to restore them. When that isn’t possible, we’ll remove the items from your house so you can purchase new goods to replace them.

This process is completely safe because we have strict inventory and chain of custody controls. As a result, we always know where your contents are located.

Finally, our fire restoration services can include complete repairs, renovations, and remodels. Depending on the extent of the damage, a complete renovation might be the only way to return your home to livable condition.

Birchall Restoration has a team of B General building contractors, allowing us to handle any repairs and renovations you require. If you’d like a remodel while we’re fixing things up, we can assist with that, as well.

While you never want to end up in a situation where Birchall Restoration’s assistance is necessary, the fact that we provide so many services when you’re in need is sure to make the experience far more manageable for you.

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The team at Birchall Restoration is standing by to field your call today. The second you realize you have a house fire, your first priority should be getting your loved ones out of the building. Next, you’ll want to ensure the fire is out and that you have a safe place to stay.

Once safety is ensured, you can turn your attention to restoration, and that’s where Birchall Restoration comes into play. We know this is a horrible situation to find yourself in, but we’ll do everything in our power to ease your worries.

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