San Diego Mold Removal

Mold Remediation and Removal in San Diego, California

Birchall Restoration specializes in mold cleanup and removal in San Diego and throughout Southern California. From the moment you reach out, our mold specialists will start on your mold remediation, limiting the damage as much as possible without disrupting your life.

Seeing mold or smelling mildew in your home isn’t a small matter. You may know that even small amounts of mold can cause health issues, but this mold could also lead to structural problems within your residence. If you notice mold growing anywhere inside your house, contacting a company offering mold remediation and removal in San Diego, California, should be your first step.

The mold removal process can take many different forms, depending on the size of the issue and the amount of damage present, but Birchall Restoration can handle them all.  Communities we serve in San Diego County include Fallbrook, Oceanside, Bonsall, and Carlsbad.

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The Formation of Mold

How exactly does mold form?

It’s actually pretty simple, as all mold really requires to grow is oxygen and moisture. Temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees also make ideal mold-growing conditions.

Since oxygen is everywhere, moisture is the one aspect you can control when preventing mold buildup in your home. However, San Diego is a humid location with average annual humidity levels sitting around 69% and reaching higher levels on many days in the summer. The result is a city with mold problems.

It’s worth noting that humidity isn’t the only reason for mold formation, as other water sources could also be to blame.

For instance, a leaky roof could cause significant mold damage in your attic, while a broken pipe could lead to mold forming in your basement, crawlspace, or under-sink area.

Your ventilation system could influence the amount of mold in your home, too, as could a naturally damp basement or pooling water near your foundation.

In short, many underlying causes could drive mold formation in and around your home, but getting a black mold cleanup specialist on the case can help prevent long-term damage and keep you healthy.

Finding the ideal mold remediation company in San Diego to handle your issue can be challenging. Fortunately, Birchall Restoration is standing by at 760-728-8735 to answer your call.

Why Mold is Dangerous

Because mold is so common, it’s sometimes overlooked by homeowners. However, any mold contractor you speak with will let you know that black mold can be dangerous if left inside your home.

For starters, mold exposure can create respiratory issues like stuffiness, sore throats, and coughing. Individuals with mold sensitivity could also experience shortness of breath and chest pains.

Elderly and immunocompromised people could encounter lung infections, too, which could cause long-term complications and require hospitalization. Mold remediation companies will help keep the air inside your home safe, hopefully limiting any long-term health complications arising from mold formation.

You should also be aware that health issues are only part of the problem when it comes to mold, as it can also cause your home to depreciate in value. No one wants to move into a house with mold damage, so failing to address this deterioration could force buyers away. Buyers will be turned off if they can smell mildew, as well.

Mold detection companies specialize in getting to the bottom of any mold you have in your home or commercial property, eliminating the mildew smell, and ensuring your buyers won’t move on to other properties.

Mold Remediation and Removal in Your Home

Mold damage removal takes many different forms, as it depends on the extent of the damage and its location. Birchall Restoration offers mold inspection services, which provide you with a clear indication of your mold problem’s severity before taking the next steps.

First, you’ll need to correct the underlying cause of your mold issue. Hiring a mold remediator firm to repair the problem won’t do you much good unless you prevent it from returning. However, a reputable mold treatment company will begin the process by fixing the underlying cause before moving on to the mold removal.

Next, the mold restoration company will isolate any contaminated areas in your home to ensure mold spores don’t end up all over the building. This isolation is achieved by sealing the site and using a dust suppression system. Contaminated materials are then removed from the property.

Any items that don’t require complete removal are cleaned, and then additional mold testing is performed to ensure the problem is gone.

Once the team at Birchall Restoration is confident the mold has been completely removed, we’ll dry your San Diego property out and assist with waterproofing the area to provide another barrier against future mold growth. We can help with your home repairs, as well.

San Diego Mold Remediation Specialists

Whether you’re searching for mold remediation testing or significant mold-related repairs, Birchall Restoration is here to assist. Call us at 760-728-8735 to begin the process as soon as possible.

We have mold remediation contractor and mold inspector certification in San Diego, so you can trust that every job is completed up to California’s rigorous standards. We also have our general contractor’s license, permitting us to assist with any repairs you require after the mold is gone.