Tile Cleaning and Repair

Tile Cleaning and Repair

Birchall Restoration should be your first call when searching for a contractor offering tile cleaning and repair in Fallbrook, Bonsall, or North San Diego. Our stone and tile cleaning technicians will restore your floors to perfect condition, ensuring your home or business looks as good as possible.

Numerous things can go wrong with your tile. For starters, water damage can leave them looking old or damaged. A flood, fire or smoke inside your home could also dirty your tiles, and restoring them becomes a significant job in this scenario.

Fortunately, Birchall Restoration can handle the job for you. Our team has a wealth of experience cleaning and repairing tiles of all types, ensuring you have nothing to worry about when hiring us.

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Bathroom Tile Repairs

One spot where tile cleaning and repair could become necessary is in the bathroom. Your shower enclosure and floors could have tile, and these rooms commonly suffer damage over the years.

For instance, a shower made up of tiles could begin looking dirty as it ages. Debris can get into the grout or stick to the tile, leaving it with a tired and worn appearance. You could also end up with a damaged or cracked tile that leads to significant damage in your bathroom.

Once a tile is cracked, there’s a chance water can get through to the subfloor. Over time, mold can grow under the tile, and your subfloor could begin rotting. If this happens in your shower, a significant repair will follow, and you’ll probably have to redo all your tilework, as well.

The good news is that Birchall Restoration can handle the repair, no matter how far along it is and how much damage has been done to your subfloor. Our team of technicians will quickly diagnose the issue in your bathroom and develop a solution. The result is a shower that looks as good as new and is entirely functional.

Another tile issue you might encounter in your bathroom involves your floors. Tile floors are popular in bathrooms because they’re durable and relatively easy to clean. However, a broken tile can quickly allow water to seep under the floor and do significant damage.

Birchall Restoration can repair or replace your broken tiles and ensure the subfloor remains in excellent condition. The result is peace of mind whenever your floor gets wet because you can be sure it’s watertight.

Your bathroom floor repair could also involve sealing it or repairing your grout. As grout ages, it tends to break down and can let water under the tile. Replacing your grout sets you up for years, so you won’t have to worry about its durability. Adding a sealant to the floor protects it even further, so if you think your seal is wearing down, give us a call.

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Tile Repairs in Other Rooms

The bathroom isn’t the only place you might have tile, so you can experience issues with your floors in other rooms. Tiles are commonly found in entryways, too, which can also be exposed to moisture on rainy days.

Having damaged tile in your entryway doesn’t have to be a significant issue because you can get Birchall Restoration on the job. We can quickly determine whether a tile repair or replacement is the way to go and begin the job before it has time to get worse.

The same goes for tile jobs in the kitchen, dining room, or hallway. A cracked or broken tile can quickly escalate in these areas, leading to moisture-related damage. It can also create a tripping hazard if the damaged tile is lifted.

Luckily, we can assist with your tile repairs in any room in the house, restoring your floors or fixtures to their full potential. Call us at 760-728-8735 to book an appointment.

Tile Cleaning Jobs

In some scenarios, your tile might need a simple cleaning. It’s also possible for your grout to accumulate some grime over the years that will require some attention.

The problem with cleaning the tile is that removing soap is tricky as you finish the job. Leftover soap residue can get extremely slippery, so going with a soapless cleaning method is probably your best bet.

Cleaning the grout can be a time-consuming process, but the pros at Birchall restoration can handle it. Get us on the job today to begin your tile cleaning project.

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